Northwest News and Environment: Tidepool


For me, Tidepool has become a very useful source of daily news on the Pacific Northwest (or as the editors call it: “Cascadia”).  While the blog side is fairly edgy, the news includes straight ahead, mainstream sources from across the region–but focused on themes of economy, community, environment, commentary, world and science.  Tidepool can be found at:  Much of the water-related news can be found under the environment subheading.

Tidepool is a product of the Sightline Institute, based in Seattle, WA.  Sightline is a non-profit focused on the somewhat nebulous concept of “sustainability.” While I would much rather to insert the word “resiliency” into that sentence, I found some of the information these folks offered to be compelling and hopefully useful for North Coast residents.

While you’re at it, the Tidepool website houses a wonderful project of local high school student photographers in Clatsop and Pacific counties called “A Day in the Life of the Columbia Pacific.”  Published by the Daily Astorian in 2003, the project is a peek into the perceptions and lives of (mostly young) people in this fascinating region.


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