Post-Storm: Alive and Kicking

GOES IR, Monday 6:36 PM, Image courtesy of the National Weather Service.

This is just a quick update now that I can ford the flood waters and debris to get to the office, and have steady Internet connectivity. More news will come as we dig out and have more time to devote to these luxuries.

It’s been a wild ride here on the North Coast as those of you who have access to news can follow. Suprisingly, my family, neighbors, local coworkers, and I have been in what could be described as a news blackout due to the power outages, cable failures and just the fact that we’ve had more to do than keep up with the news. Rather than find out what’s going on in the region or even up the road, my neighbors and I been trying to secure sections of a roof, a barn, or fences, clear off the downed trees everywhere, and keep our families warm, dry and safe. As day 3 of no power, we hope that we’re through the worst of it. But progress will be extremely slow.

Highlights at this point (Wednesday, 12/5/07, 12:00 PM) (from South to North):

  • Nestucca River has dropped from a high of 20.5 feet on Tuesday (1.5 feet higher than 1996 flood of record);
  • the Trask River crested on Tuesday at 20.75 feet (4.25 feet above flood stage and 2.75 feet above 1996);
  • the Wilson River crested on Monday at 20.45 feet (above flood stage of 12.00 feet and 1 foot above 1996) and is currently at about 15 feet;
  • flooding on the Nehalem River has isolated the North end of Tillamook County and seriously flooded Vernonia in Clatsop County;
  • Foss Creek flooded at 24 feet (twice its bankful stage);
  • the Necanicum River at Sea Side was moderately flooded as of Monday but no new information is available;
  • Clatsop County is still largely without power and sections without water or sewer;
  • Tillamook County is still largely without power and significant sections are without water or sewer service, but schools and public life have restarted.

Here are three resources that have more information than I do (ironic given that my county clocked the highest winds), largely because we are so cut off due to communications and power failures:

I will update this blog as I can in the coming days. Hopefully with better and more news. Expect pictures soon.


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