The Silent Invasion is here…

stopinv-red_rect.jpgNo, this is not just another cheesy science fiction movie of the week. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), along with a host of partners including Oregon Sea Grant, are launching a major public education campaign highlighting invasive species on Tuesday, April 22nd. The Silent Invasion presents several stories about the growing impact of invasive species on Oregon as well as other locations around the world. Some of these invaders–both animal and plant–have not yet reached the North Oregon Coast or the Lower Columbia, but are working their way here. Some, including invasive cord grass or Spartina and the tiny but fast-reproducing quagga mussel have the potential create significant impacts on the quality of our environment and ability to harness natural resources.

I was fortunate to sit through a first public screening of the Silent Invasion. I urge readers of this blog to take the time to view the hour long feature, which airs Tuesday, April 22nd, 8:00pm on OPB. You can learn more about the show and the campaign it has spawned by visiting Local opportunities to get involved in the fight against invasive species are coming soon — stay tuned to H2ONCoast for more news.


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