Invasive Species: Resources for Gardeners

Understanding what invasive species are and how to control them are increasingly important issues for gardeners.  Approximately 50% of the total invasive plants introduced to the U.S. have a horticultural origin.   With new introductions by the nursery industry and the hunger by gardeners to experiment with more exciting varieties in their own landscapes, horticultural-origin biological invasions are sure to continue.

Despite this grim statistic, gardeners can also be a positive part of the solution. Below are some resources to get gardeners started on solving the problem.  I developed these for the 2009 OSU Master Gardener Minicollege in Corvallis, OR:

Below are other resources that I compiled for gardeners and OSU Master Gardener volunteers:

Lastly but not least, are some published guides to Pacific Northwest and regional invaders as well as their more environmentally friendly alternatives:

Happy invader-free gardening! Don’t forget to pass on the word to others so that they too can be part of the solution when it comes to stopping the silent invasion of Oregon’s beautiful watersheds. Contact me here if you need more assistance.


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