What to expect here:

Twenty-first century Homo sapiens have built dams, laws, ditches, dikes, treatment plants, industries, and agencies to manage our water. Yet it all comes down to a few simple facts with water–we can’t live without it, we have to keep it clean, and we have to understand its cycle on the planet. Our collective uses of water, and the land it flows over or through have a huge impact on its quality and quantity. And freshwater is distributed around the globe primarily by the atmosphere–that fact means our great and small experiments with the climate will have a tremendous impact on the water cycle. Water moves through biological systems too–plants, soil microorganisms, people, livestock and home landscapes.  So how we manage those living components of the water cycle is also critical to taking better care of the watershed.  So by air, land, life and sea, we must pay attention to the ways of water.

This blog is mostly about water in a generally wet place stretching from the Cascades to the Oregon coast. What you can expect from this blog:

  1. Scientific facts, explorations and edges. Expect some science.
  2. Opinion. This site takes its cue from the rest of the blogosphere, which is quite opinionated.
  3. News. Water hits the headlines regularly.
  4. Other perspectives. Water is both a global and local concern. Expect to see things related to water around the region, continent, and globe. There are usually lessons to be learned in these examples.